Hepatitis B Virus Regulatory Sequence Database (HBVRegDB)





Single sequence resources, HBV sequences with annotation




Genotype A
Circular map
  • Hepatitis B virus (SUBTYPE ADW2), genotype A, complete genome
  • Tool to align a user sequence against HBV ADW2 Genotype A. This is used to facilitate comparison of regulatory element locations.
  • + HPVADW2 (X02763)

    + A adr, AF297621 (AF297621)

    Genotype B

    HPBADW1 (D00239), 3215 nt

    + Ba (D00330), 3215 nt

    + Bj (AB073858), 3215 n

    Genotype C

    Hepatitis B virus, complete genome , ayr, genotype C, NC_003977, derived from HEHBVAYR (X04615) by NCBI

    Hepatitis B virus, complete genome, adr, genotype C, AY123041.1 (replaced ICTV reference M12906), 3215 nt

    Other A genotype sequences in the group.

    HPVADR4 (X01587), 3215 nt

    + AB033556

    + Aus AB048704

    Genotype D

    Hepatitis B virus, complete genome , ayr, serotype D, HPBAYW (J02203), 3182 nt, replaced by XXHEPA (V01460) in Genbank

    + (X02496)

    Genotype E

    + BAS (X75657), 3212 nt

    Genotype F

    FOU (X75658), 3215 nt

    + X69798

    Genotype G

    + FR1 (AF160501), 3248 nt

    Genotype H

    + (AY090454), nt

    Hominoid HBV (HHBV)



    gib824 (AJ131568) 3182 nt

    gib HBV (U46935)


    gor97 (AJ131567), 3182 nt


    LSH (D00220), 3182 nt


    OHV (Y17559), 3182


    Avihepadnavirus (AHV)

    Duck hepatitis B virus

    NC_001344m.gb, with additional annotation by HBVRegDB, 3027 nt.

    Orthohepadnavirus (OHV)

    Woodchuck hepatitis B virus

    NC_004107m.gb, with additional annotation by HBVRegDB, 3323 nt.