Hepatitis B Virus Regulatory Sequence Database (HBVRegDB)





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Introduction to HBVRegDB

This site provides regulatory sequence resources for hepadnaviridae genomes with annotation and links to related resources.

The target audience is scientists studying HBV molecular biology and regulation of gene expression from the HBV genome. Users please cite this publication: Panjaworayan, Roessner, Firth and Brown, Virology Journal 2007, 4:136 (free access).

Tutorials on how you might use the key resources here are available:

1. Comparison of your sequence to a well annotated HBV genome

BLAST 2 sequences to map the numbering from a HBVRegDB reference sequence (e.g. AM282986)

2. Testing for conservation of a sequence, a potential regulatory element, across genomes

3. Testing for conservation of an RNA secondary structures and elements across genomes

4. Repeating similarity searches against HBVRegDB virus sequences, RefSeq viral genomes and proteins

HBV is a significant health problem in the world, particularly in Asia and developing countries. In New Zealand, where this database is based, it affects Asian, Polynesian and Maori groups particularly.

We wish to gratefully acknowledge the following past and current sources of funding for this project.