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Original order Accession ID Type Description
0 RF00031 SECIS Cis-reg Selenocysteine insertion sequence
1 RF00032 Histone3 Cis-reg Histone 3' UTR stem-loop
2 RF00036 RRE Cis-reg HIV Rev response element
3 RF00037 IRE Cis-reg Iron response element
4 RF00038 PrfA Cis-reg; thermoregulator PrfA thermoregulator UTR
5 RF00040 rne5 Cis-reg RNase E 5' UTR element
6 RF00041 Entero_OriR Cis-reg Enteroviral 3' UTR element
7 RF00048 Entero_CRE Cis-reg Enterovirus cis-acting replication element
8 RF00050 FMN Cis-reg; riboswitch FMN riboswitch (RFN element)
9 RF00059 TPP Cis-reg; riboswitch TPP riboswitch (THI element)
10 RF00061 IRES_HCV Cis-reg; IRES Hepatitis C virus internal ribosome entry site
11 RF00080 yybP-ykoY Cis-reg yybP-ykoY leader
12 RF00109 Vimentin3 Cis-reg Vimentin 3' UTR protein-binding region
13 RF00114 S15 Cis-reg; leader Ribosomal S15 leader
14 RF00140 Alpha_RBS Cis-reg Alpha operon ribosome binding site
15 RF00161 nos_TCE Cis-reg Nanos 3' UTR translation control element
16 RF00162 SAM Cis-reg; riboswitch SAM riboswitch (S box leader)
17 RF00164 s2m Cis-reg Coronavirus 3' stem-loop II-like motif (s2m)
18 RF00165 Corona_pk3 Cis-reg Coronavirus 3' UTR pseudoknot
19 RF00167 Purine Cis-reg; riboswitch Purine riboswitch
20 RF00168 Lysine Cis-reg; riboswitch Lysine riboswitch
21 RF00171 Tombus_5 Cis-reg Tombusvirus 5' UTR
22 RF00172 CAESAR Cis-reg ctgf/hcs24 CAESAR
23 RF00174 Cobalamin Cis-reg; riboswitch Cobalamin riboswitch
24 RF00175 HIV-1_DIS Cis-reg Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 dimerisation initiation site
25 RF00176 Tombus_3_IV Cis-reg Tombusvirus 3' UTR region IV
26 RF00192 BLV_package Cis-reg Bovine leukaemia virus RNA packaging signal
27 RF00193 CTV_rep_sig Cis-reg Citrus tristeza virus replication signal
28 RF00194 Rubella_3 Cis-reg Rubella virus 3' cis-acting element
29 RF00196 AMV_RNA1_SL Cis-reg Alfalfa mosaic virus RNA 1 5' UTR stem-loop
30 RF00207 K10_TLS Cis-reg K10 transport/localisation element (TLS)
31 RF00209 IRES_Pesti Cis-reg; IRES Pestivirus internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
32 RF00179 GAIT Cis-reg GAIT element
33 RF00180 REN-SRE Cis-reg Renin stability regulatory element (REN-SRE)
34 RF00182 Corona_package Cis-reg Coronavirus packaging signal
35 RF00183 G-CSF_SLDE Cis-reg G-CSF factor stem-loop destabilising element (SLDE)
36 RF00184 PVX_3 Cis-reg Potato virus X cis-acting regulatory element
37 RF00185 Flavi_CRE Cis-reg Flavivirus 3' UTR cis-acting replication element (CRE)
38 RF00210 IRES_Aptho Cis-reg; IRES Aphthovirus internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
39 RF00214 Retro_dr1 Cis-reg Retrovirus direct repeat 1 (dr1)
40 RF00215 Tombus_3_III Cis-reg Tombus virus defective interfering (DI) RNA region 3
41 RF00216 IRES_c-myc Cis-reg; IRES c-myc internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
42 RF00220 Rhino_CRE Cis-reg Human rhinovirus internal cis-acting regulatory element (CRE)
43 RF00222 IRES_Bag1 Cis-reg; IRES Bag-1 internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
44 RF00223 IRES_Bip Cis-reg; IRES bip internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
45 RF00224 IRES_FGF2 Cis-reg; IRES FGF-2 internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
46 RF00225 IRES_Tobamo Cis-reg; IRES Tobamovirus internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
47 RF00226 IRES_n-myc Cis-reg; IRES n-myc internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
48 RF00227 FIE3 Cis-reg FIE3 (ftz instability element 3') element
49 RF00228 IRES_HepA Cis-reg; IRES Hepatitis A virus internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
50 RF00229 IRES_Picorna Cis-reg; IRES Picornavirus internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
51 RF00230 T-box Cis-reg T-box leader
52 RF00232 Spi-1 Cis-reg Spi-1 (PU.1) 5' UTR regulatory element
53 RF00233 Tymo_tRNA-like Cis-reg Tymovirus/Pomovirus tRNA-like 3' UTR element
54 RF00234 glmS Cis-reg; riboswitch glmS glucosamine-6-phosphate activated ribozyme
55 RF00243 traJ_5 Cis-reg traJ 5' UTR
56 RF00252 Alfamo_CPB Cis-reg Alfalfa mosaic virus coat protein binding (CPB) RNA
57 RF00259 IFN_gamma Cis-reg Interferon gamma 5' UTR regulatory element
58 RF00260 HepC_CRE Cis-reg Hepatitis C virus (HCV) cis-acting replication element (CRE)
59 RF00261 IRES_L-myc Cis-reg; IRES L-myc internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
60 RF00290 BaMV_CRE Cis-reg Bamboo mosaic potexvirus (BaMV) cis-regulatory element
61 RF00362 Pospi_RY Cis-reg Pospiviroid RY motif stem loop
62 RF00374 Gammaretro_CES Cis-reg Gammaretrovirus core encapsidation signal
63 RF00375 HIV_PBS Cis-reg HIV primer binding site (PBS)
64 RF00376 HIV_GSL3 Cis-reg HIV gag stem loop 3 (GSL3)
65 RF00379 ydaO-yuaA Cis-reg ydaO/yuaA leader
66 RF00380 ykoK Cis-reg ykoK leader
67 RF00381 Antizyme_FSE Cis-reg; frameshift_element Antizyme RNA frameshifting stimulation element
68 RF00382 DnaX Cis-reg; frameshift_element DnaX ribosomal frameshifting element
69 RF00383 IS1222_FSE Cis-reg; frameshift_element Insertion sequence IS1222 ribosomal frameshifting element
70 RF00384 Pox_AX_element Cis-reg Poxvirus AX element late mRNA cis-regulatory element
71 RF00385 IBV_D-RNA Cis-reg Infectious bronchitis virus D-RNA
72 RF00386 Entero_5_CRE Cis-reg Enterovirus 5' cloverleaf cis-acting replication element
73 RF00387 IRES_FGF1 Cis-reg; IRES FGF-1 internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
74 RF00389 satBaMV_CRE Cis-reg Bamboo mosaic virus satellite RNA cis-regulatory element
75 RF00390 UPSK Cis-reg UPSK RNA
76 RF00391 RtT Cis-reg RtT RNA
77 RF00433 Hsp90_CRE Cis-reg; thermoregulator Hsp90 cis-regulatory element
78 RF00434 BTE Cis-reg Luteovirus cap-independent translation element (BTE)
79 RF00435 ROSE Cis-reg; thermoregulator Repression of heat shock gene expression (ROSE) element
80 RF00436 UnaL2 Cis-reg UnaL2 LINE 3' element
81 RF00437 HLE Cis-reg Hairy RNA localisation element (HLE)
82 RF00442 ykkC-yxkD Cis-reg ykkC-yxkD leader
83 RF00447 IRES_Kv1_4 Cis-reg; IRES Voltage-gated potassium-channel Kv1.4 IRES
84 RF00448 IRES_EBNA Cis-reg; IRES Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen (EBNA) IRES
85 RF00449 IRES_HIF1 Cis-reg; IRES HIF-1 alpha IRES
86 RF00453 Cardiovirus_CRE Cis-reg Cardiovirus cis-acting replication element (CRE)
87 RF00454 p27_CRE Cis-reg p27 cis-regulatory element
88 RF00457 IRES_mnt Cis-reg; IRES Mnt IRES
89 RF00458 IRES_Cripavirus Cis-reg; IRES Cripavirus internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
90 RF00459 MPMV_package Cis-reg Mason-Pfizer monkey virus packaging signal
91 RF00460 U1A_PIE Cis-reg U1A polyadenylation inhibition element (PIE)
92 RF00461 IRES_VEGF_A Cis-reg; IRES Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) IRES A
93 RF00462 IRES_APC Cis-reg; IRES APC internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
94 RF00463 ApoB_5_CRE Cis-reg Apolipoprotein B (apoB) 5' UTR cis-regulatory element
95 RF00465 JEV_hairpin Cis-reg Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) hairpin structure
96 RF00467 RSV_PBS Cis-reg Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) primer binding site (PBS)
97 RF00468 HCV_SLVII Cis-reg Hepatitis C virus stem-loop VII
98 RF00469 HCV_SLIV Cis-reg Hepatitis C stem-loop IV
99 RF00470 Toga_5_CRE Cis-reg Togavirus 5' plus strand cis-regulatory element
100 RF00480 HIV_FE Cis-reg; frameshift_element HIV Ribosomal frameshift signal
101 RF00481 HCV_X3 Cis-reg Hepatitis C virus 3'X element
102 RF00483 IRES_IGF2 Cis-reg; IRES Insulin-like growth factor II IRES
103 RF00484 IRES_Cx32 Cis-reg; IRES Connexin-32 internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
104 RF00485 K_chan_RES Cis-reg Potassium channel RNA editing signal
105 RF00487 IRES_Cx43 Cis-reg; IRES Connexin-43 internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
106 RF00490 S-element Cis-reg S-element
107 RF00491 SVLPA Cis-reg Simian virus 40 late polyadenylation signal (SVLPA)
108 RF00495 IRES_Hsp70 Cis-reg; IRES Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
109 RF00496 Corona_SL-III Cis-reg Coronavirus SL-III cis-acting replication element (CRE)
110 RF00498 EAV_LTH Cis-reg Equine arteritis virus leader TRS hairpin (LTH)
111 RF00499 Parecho_CRE Cis-reg Human parechovirus 1 (HPeV1) cis regulatory element (CRE)
112 RF00500 TCV_H5 Cis-reg Turnip crinkle virus (TCV) repressor of minus strand synthesis H5
113 RF00501 Rota_CRE Cis-reg Rotavirus cis-acting replication element (CRE)
114 RF00502 TCV_Pr Cis-reg Turnip crinkle virus (TCV) core promoter hairpin (Pr)
115 RF00504 Glycine Cis-reg; riboswitch Glycine riboswitch
116 RF00506 Thr_leader Cis-reg; leader Threonine operon leader
117 RF00507 Corona_FSE Cis-reg; frameshift_element Coronavirus frameshifting stimulation element
118 RF00510 Tombus_IRE Cis-reg Tombusvirus internal replication element (IRE)
119 RF00511 IRES_KSHV Cis-reg; IRES Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
120 RF00512 Leu_leader Cis-reg; leader Leucine operon leader
121 RF00513 Trp_leader Cis-reg; leader Tryptophan operon leader
122 RF00514 His_leader Cis-reg; leader Histidine operon leader
123 RF00515 PyrR Cis-reg PyrR binding site
124 RF00516 ylbH Cis-reg ylbH leader
125 RF00517 serC Cis-reg serC leader
126 RF00518 speF Cis-reg speF leader
127 RF00520 ybhL Cis-reg ybhL leader
128 RF00521 SAM_alpha Cis-reg; riboswitch SAM riboswitch (alpha-proteobacteria)
129 RF00522 PreQ1 Cis-reg; riboswitch PreQ1 riboswitch
130 RF00523 Prion_pknot Cis-reg Prion pseudoknot
131 RF00524 R2_retro_el Cis-reg R2 RNA element
132 RF00525 Flavivirus_DB Cis-reg Flavivirus DB element
133 RF00547 IRES_TrkB Cis-reg; IRES TrkB IRES
134 RF00549 IRES_c-sis Cis-reg; IRES c-sis internal ribosome entry site (IRES)
135 RF00550 HepE_CRE Cis-reg Hepatitis E virus cis-reactive element
136 RF00551 bicoid_3 Cis-reg Bicoid 3'-UTR regulatory element
137 RF00552 rncO Cis-reg rncO
138 RF00555 L13_leader Cis-reg; leader Ribosomal protein L13 leader
139 RF00556 L19_leader Cis-reg; leader Ribosomal protein L19 leader
140 RF00557 L10_leader Cis-reg; leader Ribosomal protein L10 leader
141 RF00558 L20_leader Cis-reg; leader Ribosomal protein L20 leader
142 RF00559 L21_leader Cis-reg; leader Ribosomal protein L21 leader
143 RF00617 cHP Cis-reg flavivirus capsid hairpin cHP
144 RF00620 HCV_ARF_SL Cis-reg Hepatitis C alternative reading frame stem-loop
145 RF00626 Gurken Cis-reg Gurken localisation signal
146 RF00632 sxy Cis-reg sxy 5' UTR element
147 RF00634 SAM-IV Cis-reg; riboswitch S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) riboswitch,
148 RF01046 WLE3 Cis-reg Wingless localisation element 3 (WLE3)
149 RF01047 HBV Cis-reg HBV RNA encapsidation signal epsilon
150 RF01051 GEMM_RNA_motif Cis-reg GEMM cis-regulatory element
151 RF01054 preQ1-II Cis-reg; riboswitch preQ1-II (pre queuosine) riboswitch
152 RF01055 MOCO_RNA_motif Cis-reg; riboswitch Moco (molybdenum cofactor) riboswitch
153 RF01056 Mg_sensor Cis-reg; riboswitch Magnesium Sensor
154 RF01057 SAH_riboswitch Cis-reg; riboswitch S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine riboswitch
155 RF01065 23S-methyl Cis-reg 23S methyl RNA motif
156 RF01066 6C Cis-reg 6C RNA
157 RF01068 mini-ykkC Cis-reg mini-ykkC RNA motif
158 RF01069 purD Cis-reg purD RNA motif
159 RF01070 sucA Cis-reg SucA RNA motif
160 RF01072 TMV_UPD-PK3 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
161 RF01073 GP_knot1 Cis-reg Gag/pol translational readthrough site
162 RF01074 RF_site1 Cis-reg Putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ribosomal frameshift site
163 RF01075 TLS-PK1 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of tRNA-like structure
164 RF01076 RF_site2 Cis-reg Polymerase ribosomal frameshift site
165 RF01077 TLS-PK2 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of tRNA-like structure
166 RF01078 PK-PYVV Cis-reg 3'-terminal pseudoknot in PYVV
167 RF01079 RF_site3 Cis-reg Putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase ribosomal frameshift site
168 RF01080 UPD-PKib Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
169 RF01081 SBWMV1_UPD-PKe Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
170 RF01082 SBWMV1_UPD-PKh Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
171 RF01083 UPD-PK2 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
172 RF01084 TLS-PK3 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of tRNA-like structure
173 RF01085 TLS-PK4 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of tRNA-like structure
174 RF01086 LR-PK1 Cis-reg Long range pseudoknot
175 RF01087 PK-repZ Cis-reg Pseudoknot of the regulatory region of the repZ gene
176 RF01088 TLS-PK5 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of tRNA-like structure
177 RF01089 PK-repBA Cis-reg Pseudoknot of the regulatory region of the repBA gene
178 RF01090 RF_site4 Cis-reg Edr gene ribosomal frameshift signal
179 RF01091 PK-SPCSV Cis-reg 3'-terminal pseudoknot in SPCSV
180 RF01092 GP_knot2 Cis-reg Gag/pol translational readthrough site
181 RF01093 RF_site5 Cis-reg Ma3 gene ribosomal frameshift signal
182 RF01094 RF_site6 Cis-reg Polymerase ribosomal frameshift site
183 RF01095 PK-CuYV_BPYV Cis-reg 3'-terminal pseudoknot of CuYV/BPYV
184 RF01096 PK-HAV Cis-reg 3'-terminal pseudoknot of HepA virus
185 RF01097 RF_site8 Cis-reg Gag/pro ribosomal frameshift site
186 RF01098 RF_site9 Cis-reg Gag/pro ribosomal frameshift site
187 RF01099 PK-IAV Cis-reg Pseudoknot of influenza A virus gene
188 RF01100 PK-BYV Cis-reg 3'-terminal pseudoknot in BYV
189 RF01101 TLS-PK6 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of tRNA-like structure
190 RF01102 PK1-TEV_CVMV Cis-reg 5'-leader pseudoknot of TEV/CVMV
191 RF01103 UPD-PKc Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
192 RF01104 SBWMV2_UPD-PKb Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
193 RF01105 SBWMV2_UPD-PKl Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
194 RF01106 SBWMV1_UPD-PKb Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
195 RF01107 SBRMV1_UPD-PKf Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
196 RF01108 BMV3_UPD-PK1 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
197 RF01109 SBRMV1_UPD-PKd Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
198 RF01110 PSLVbeta_UPD-PK2 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
199 RF01111 SBWMV2_UPD-PKk Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
200 RF01112 UPD-PKg Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
201 RF01113 BMV3_UPD-PK3 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
202 RF01114 TMV_UPD-PK1 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
203 RF01115 TMV_UPD-PK2 Cis-reg Pseudoknot of upstream pseudoknot domain (UPD) of the 3'UTR
204 RF01313 HHBV_epsilon Cis-reg Heron HBV RNA encapsidation signal epsilon
205 RF01380 HIV-1_SD Cis-reg Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 major splice donor
206 RF01381 HIV-1_SL3 Cis-reg HIV-1 stem-loop 3 Psi packaging signal
207 RF01382 HIV-1_SL4 Cis-reg HIV-1 stem-loop 4 packaging signal
208 RF01415 Flavivirus_SLIV Cis-reg Flavivirus 3'UTR stem loop IV
209 RF01417 RSV_RNA Cis-reg Retroviral 3'UTR stability element
210 RF01418 HIV_POL-1_SL Cis-reg HIV pol-1 stem loop
211 RF01453 RCNMV_TE_DR1 Cis-reg 3'TE-DR1 translation enhancer element
212 RF01454 RCNMV_5UTR Cis-reg 5'UTR enhancer element
213 RF01455 DPB Cis-reg Stem loopII regulatory element in POLB
214 RF01480 rli52 Cis-reg; riboswitch Listeria snRNA rli52
215 RF01481 rli53 Cis-reg; riboswitch Listeria snRNA rli53
216 RF01482 rli55 Cis-reg; riboswitch Listeria snRNA rli55
217 RF01483 rli56 Cis-reg; riboswitch Listeria snRNA rli56
218 RF01485 rli61 Cis-reg; riboswitch Listeria snRNA rli61
219 RF01486 rli62 Cis-reg; riboswitch Listeria snRNA rli62
220 RF01490 rli51 Cis-reg Listeria snRNA rli51
221 RF01491 rli54 Cis-reg; riboswitch Listeria snRNA rli54

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